I am a model,

I need a worldwide standart setcard.

I am a model,

I want to have a part in organizations.

I am a model agency,

I want to present my models worldwide.

I am a company,

I seek models for my organizations.

      In short SetCard is a business card  for visual presentation.Most of artists like models,photograhers,actors,i.e. use SetCard to present themselves by visual and physical ways.

     As being a standart way  to present someone which accepted in world wide ,it is important to use a SetCard.A SetCard consists of person's visual and physical attributes and also personel infos.

     SetCard has various names like Sed Card,Composite Card,Comp Card,Zed Card, Z Card in worldwide but most of them have the same standarts.A5 size 2 pages,first page has one photo as cover,other page has min 4- max 6 photos and attributes also personel infos.